Ayurveda Quiz

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Check your Ayurveda knowlegde with these interesting questions!
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Q.1 Which spice is called “The Queen of Spices” in India?
a) Tulsi
b) Haldi
c) Saffron
d) Cardamom

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Q.2 Which spice comes from the French word meaning nail and not surprisingly, they look like nails?
a) Cloves
b) Licorice
c) Red chilly
d) Mace

This was not that difficult, right?

Q.3 Ginger is a great remedy for:
a) Morning sickness
b) Menstrual pain
c) Upper respiratory tract infections
d) All of the above

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Q.4 Which spice is called “The Queen of Herbs” in India?
a) Cardamom
b) Tulsi
c) Haldi
d) Saffron

Did you know that?

Q.5 Which spice comes in black, white and green?
a) Pepper
b) Tea
c) Saffron
d) Cardamom

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Q.6 Cinnamon comes from which part of the plant?
a) Bark
b) Leaf
c) Root
d) Flower

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Q.7 The spice that gives pizza its characteristic flavor is:
a) Chilly
b) Mustard
c) Coriander
d) Oregano

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