Rajwayu Raj Boosters Tea

Sizes Available: 360 gm

Price: Rs. 900

  • Raj Boosters Ayurvedic Tea contains high quality standardized extracts and purified powders of ingredients reported to have Deepaneeya (improving Agni. i.e. digestion strength) property and work on Pachak Pitta and Agni - Jala Mahabhuta as described in Ayurveda literature.
  • Raj Boosters Ayurvedic Tea has been standardized for SAPONINS. Plant saponins are reported to improve liver function. Saponins are also reported to enhance digestion and absorption of nutrients. Plant saponins also possess anti-ulcer activity and protect gastric mucosa. Bio-active standardization of RAJ BOOSTER AYURVEDIC TEA for this key active (saponins) ensures efficacy of the product to improve digestive strength.
  • Comprehensive digestive health support: Digestive Detoxification, Improve Liver Function, Optimum level of digestive juices & Enzymes, Protect Gastric Mucosa, Regularize Bowel Movements, Enhance Nutrients Absorption, Boost Immunity of Digestive System

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