Rajwayu Raj Arogya Tea

Sizes Available: 108 gm

Price: Rs. 900

  • Bitterness is not the only solution for sugar control. Enjoy the non-bitter tasty solution for optimum sugar level with Raj Arogya Ayurvedic Tea.
  • Beta cells are unique cells in the pancreas that produce, store and release the hormone insulin responsible for regulating levels of glucose in the blood. Health of pancreatic beta cells plays key role in progress of diabetes. Ingredients of Raj Arogya Ayurvedic Tea are clinically proven to improve Arogya (Good Health) of beta cells.
  • The first ever high quality Ayurvedic tea standardized for the plant actives (Saponins and Bitters) scientifically proven to improve insulin production and secretion activity of pancreatic beta cells, the fundamental functional unit for optimum blood sugar levels.
  • Diabetes affects the metabolism as well as immune system. Recent research has clearly demonstrated that high blood sugar levels in diabetes negatively impact immunity. Raj Arogya contains 3 most potent immunity boosters described in Ayurveda - Giloy (Guduchi), Amla, and Tulsi, which works synergistically to improve immunity in diabetes.

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